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Plan, Elevation & Section

Plan, Elevation & Section

Lavish Designs

Plan, Elevation & Section

In the realm of interior design, elevations, plans, and sections dance together as artistic instruments. Elevations reveal the beauty of vertical surfaces, while plans unveil the choreography of layout and organisation. Sections take us on a captivating journey through the depth and details of a space. These elements intertwine to create a symphony of visual communication, ensuring harmony, functionality, and aesthetics. They are the keys to unlocking the enchanting world of interior design, where imagination meets precision, and dreams take shape.

At Lavish Designs, we take immense pride in being a 3D Visualization firm that turns dreams into reality, seamlessly blending the realms of luxury and affordability.


At Lavish Designs, we pride ourselves on being a design firm (interior designing firm) that brings together the worlds of luxury and affordability.

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